Zoo Krefeld

Kidogo is the name of the gorilla who gained worldwide fame with his impressive tightrope walk. With the eight-year-old Miliki, the silverback has now found a new female mating partner. In 2014 Toni became the latest addition to the alpacas family and since last year 20 Humboldt penguins and a colony of Inca terns have found a home in the penguin pool. A rocky coastal panorama opens up onto an 800 square metre natural enclosure at the foreground of which a water basin with a surface area of 250 square metres is embedded in a dune landscape. The agile swimming birds with their "underwater wings" can be observed through a large panoramic window. In addition, there is a path through the middle of the enclosure bringing visitors and birds closer to each other than ever before.

The zoo currently accommodates about 1000 animals of 200 different species in an area covering 13 hectares (32 acres). Along with the numerous outdoor enclosures, it is the thematic buildings such as the tropical monkey house and the rainforest house which visitors find particularly fascinating. The Butterfly Jungle with its large number of different species and the large animal enclosure with elephants and rhinoceroses are always worth a visit. Other focal points of Krefeld Zoo are the inhabitants from the African savannah, tropical birds and big cats as well as the breeding of snow leopards.


Uerdinger Straße 377
47800 Krefeld
Telephon: 0 21 51 / 9 55 20

Open to the public

April to September daily from 8 at morning to 7 past morning (admission up to 5.30 past morning, animal enclosures, 5.30 past morning, Zoo cafe 6.30 past morning)
March + October daily from 9 at morning to 6 past morning (admission up to 4.30 past morning, animal enclosures and Zoo cafe 5.30 past morning)
November to February daily from 9 at morning to 5 past morning (admission up to 4.30 past morning, animal enclosures and Zoo cafe 4.30 past morning)
Zoo closed on 25. Dezember; Butterfly Jungle open from end of March to beginning of November


Zoocafé im Zoo
Telephon: 0 21 51 / 36 96 96