Views of Glockenspitz sports hall

Although hardly comparable with the multi-purpose arena "KönigPALAST", which was opened in 2004, Glockenspitz sports hall is quite a good size. With sports pitches covering 2,400m², approx. 3,200 seats and a cafeteria where you can relax while you watch what's going on in the hall, this is an ideal place for indoor sporting events expecting a relevant number of spectators.

Smaller, but no less attractive, is the triple court sports hall at the vocational college in Krefeld-Uerdingen. This hall, with sports courts covering 1,215m², was designed as a multi-purpose hall and is therefore also suitable for numerous non-sporting activities of local societies.


Sporthalle GlockenspitzGlockenspitz 348+49 (0)2151 / 54 00 37
Sporthalle UerdingenAlte Krefelder Strasse 93+49 (0)2151 / 49 84 80
KönigPALASTWestparkstrasse 111+49 (0)2151 / 78 10 0