The work of the Culture Office

"Future is a cultural programme"

Hilmar Hoffmann

The municipal culture office is responsible for organizing a varied high-profile programme, but also works in many ways behind the scenes. It is situated in the Villa Merländer on Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse, not far from Bismarckplatz, and also runs an important performance and event forum for art and culture: the cultural centre Fabrik Heeder to the south of the main station.

Cultural events

The main part of our programme consists of regular standards such as chamber music serenades in the Knights' Hall in Linn Castle, Krefeld puppet theatre, the bandoneon festival, and concerts by Krefeld choirs and musical groups at varying venues; also, in cooperation with the municipal library, a series of readings for children "Ohren aufgeklappt" [ears open] and the trinational Lower Rhine and Maas Literary Summer. In addition, we change the emphasis each year by setting different priorities and introducing new programmes with varying local or regional participation, in order to keep the public up to date with the latest artistic developments of interest.

The culture office also has a variety of other tasks, often rather hidden from public view, in connection with the annual award of the City of Krefeld's Lower Rhine literature prize, or the City of Krefeld's entomological collection, which moved into the former school in Marktstrasse in 2005. This building also houses four studios which are rented out to artists, making it a little art centre.

Furthermore, the culture office is in charge of and responsible for the state of buildings and their usability, not only for our own property, eg Fabrik Heeder and Greiffenhorst House (used mainly for exhibitions), but also for the building used by the Theater am Marienplatz in Krefeld-Fischeln, the house in St.-Anton-Strasse used by the Gemeinschaft Krefelder Künstler [association of Krefeld artists], the former school in Marktstrasse in the city centre, and the Südbahnhof. We are also the place to contact regarding the City of Krefeld's Lower Rhine house of literature, Brües-Haus in Gutenbergstrasse.

Fabrik Heeder cultural centre

In the Fabrik Heeder cultural centre in Virchowstrasse, extended in 2006 and now equipped with two studio theatres, the culture office has its "own house" showing mainly contemporary dance productions from the independent professional scene and, since 1994, a regular series of its own "MOVE! - Krefeld days of modern dance". Further focal points are the fields of film and photography. Further main cultural users are KRESCHtheater, Vereinigte Städtische Bühnen Krefeld und Mönchengladbach [combined municipal theatres], Frauenkulturbüro NRW e.V. [women's culture] and Jugendkulturwerkstatt JUKS [youth culture workshop]. The in-house cafeteria "Kulisse" offers an attractive range of food and drink - and its own cultural events.

KRESCHtheater - City of Krefeld centre for children and young people's theatre

The KRESCHtheater is based in Fabrik Heeder and integrated in the culture office regarding programme, organization, technical and financial matters. Thanks to its theatrical productions, guest performances, theatre-related educational workshops and courses, city youth theatre and readings for children and young people, in short its diverse, high-class theatrical programme, which is a great success with the public, and its theatre-related activities, KRESCH has become the most important factor in the domain of culture for children and young people in Krefeld.

Support of culture

The non-municipal culture scene, which has a profound effect on Krefeld's social and cultural life, requires assistance from the city in the shape of information, along with material and financial support, to help development in both traditional and new artistic and cultural activities. It is therefore one of the most important aspects of the culture office's work to advise and support non-municipal cultural institutions, projects and local traditions, and, by means of a studio support programme, to help artists find a studio or, in certain cases, assist them in improving it.

Letting property

The former hunting lodge Greiffenhorst House, in Greiffenhorst Park in Linn, and rooms in Fabrik Heeder are let out regularly for a variety of events, mainly for cultural or educational purposes or to societies. The former air-raid shelter Löschenhofweg is rented out to the Krefelder Musikerinitiative (KMI) as practice rooms for rock music.

The team from the culture office