The Lord Mayor’s work

Lord Mayor Frank Meyer is chair of Krefeld City Council, which is elected by the men and women of Krefeld. He represents the city externally and internally, and is also head of the administration. The function, legal position and responsibilities of the Lord Mayor are laid down in the municipal code for the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

One of the Lord Mayor's fundamental responsibilities is the management and supervision of the city administration. He allocates the administrative duties and organizes the structure of the administration and the administrative process. He has the right to deal with any particular matter himself, at any time.

Another of the Lord Mayor's main fields of activity is the preparation of meetings and resolutions of the City Council, council committees and suburban councils. He is responsible for ensuring that these resolutions and decisions are carried out by the administration. The Lord Mayor informs the City Council of all matters of importance.

In addition, the Lord Mayor makes decisions on matters assigned to him by the City Council, a committee or directly by law.

In 1994 the new municipal code for North Rhine-Westphalia abolished the so-called "double-headed" system, consisting of an unsalaried Lord Mayor as representative of the city and chair of the City Council alongside a salaried chief executive as head of the administration. In accordance with the new municipal code the salaried Lord Mayor now occupies both positions. The Lord Mayor was elected by the people of Krefeld for the first time in 1999, in a general, direct, free, equal and secret ballot. To stand for the office of Lord Mayor, a candidate must, on election day, be German as defined by the constitution, or have the nationality of a member state of the European Union and be resident in the Federal Republic of Germany; he or she must be at least 23 years old and not excluded from voting. The candidate must guarantee that he/she will defend the fundamental principles of freedom and democracy in accordance with the constitution at all times.

In Krefeld the Lord Mayor has three unsalaried deputies with the title of mayor, who stand in for him as chair at City Council meetings or in a representative role. For this office the City Council have elected one of their members: Ms Karin Meincke.

Ms Beate Zielke is the city manager and acts for the Lord Mayor in managing the city administration. The city treasurer and chief officers act on behalf of the Lord Mayor in their respective departments. The city manager, treasurer and chief officers are elected by the City Council for a period of eight years. They take part in Council meetings along with the Lord Mayor.

The Lord Mayor, city manager, treasurer and chief officers form the executive committee of the administration. The executive committee confers amongst other things on the principles of management and organization of the administration, and administrative tasks of special importance. It is also involved in drawing up the budget.