Ice hockey, horse racing and football - just a small selection from Krefeld's large range of sports

Krefeld has every reason to be proud of its sporting facilities. Statistics show that nearly a third of all Krefelders are members of a sports club in our city. We have around 240 clubs covering a range of well over 100 different types of sport.

Pre-requisite for such a wide variety of fitness and amateur sports facilities is of course a suitable sporting infrastructure: our municipal, club-owned and privately run sports grounds need not be afraid of comparison. It is not surprising therefore that top class sport is well represented in our sporting city. Thanks to the wide range of sports, there are high class events taking place in Krefeld all year round.

Top level sport is represented for example by ice hockey, hockey, tennis, swimming, rowing, triathlon and horse riding/racing. Home matches of our local football club "Krefelder Fussballclub Uerdingen 05 e.V." always attract large crowds to the Grotenburg stadium. Whether you are a participant or just a spectator, Krefeld has a lot to offer in the field of sport.