The multi-purpose hall completed in 2004 now offers space for up to 8.000 people to enjoy concerts, events and the sporting achievements of the Krefeld Penguins. As the venue of the Krefeld ice hockey club, the KönigPalast (KöPa) took over from the Rheinlandhalle on the opposite side of the road. The hall also stages performances by celebrities from the music and entertainment industry. The KöPa has the technology required for anytype of programme.

Multi-purpose hall KönigPALAST
Multi-purpose hall KönigPALAST


Westparkstraße 111
47803 Krefeld
Telephone: 0 21 51 / 7 81 00


Westparkstraße 105
47803 Krefeld
Telephone: 0 21 51 / 50 01 10