Jazzkeller und Jazzklub

Since 1958 the Jazzkeller has been the home of jazz in Krefeld. Located in Lohstrasse, the Jazzkeller and the Jazzklub formed in 1979 are able to put together an ambitious programme of well-known international jazz celebrities and promising young talent. With the Jazzkeller, Linn Castle, the Mediothek, the Friedenskirche and the Stadttheater as alternating event locations, Krefeld's Jazz Club has at its disposal the appropriate venues for the performing artists. The "stage in the basement" itself is regularly used to present well-known artists and young talent. In addition to supporting young people, the Jazz Club is also committed to contemporary jazz.

Music before Jazzkeller in Krefeld


Lohstraße 92
47798 Krefeld
Telephone: 0162 / 2 01 31 45


Petersstraße 145
47798 Krefeld
Telephone: 0 21 51 / 6 58 11 40