Historische Weinbrennerei Dujardin

Brandy has been produced in the Krefeld suburb of Uerdingen since 1810. The sprawling complex of the historic distillery now houses a museum, in which the production facilities can be visited. Here, the company's own Dujardin cognac can be tasted and purchased in the shop as a souvenir. There is also a restaurant with beer garden. The historic brandy distillery on the Rhine combines a living tradition with a contemporary way of life.


Hohenbudberger Straße 4-10
47829 Krefeld
Telephone: 0 21 51 / 48 32 39

Open to the public

Guided tours by prior appointment


Restaurant Küferei
Dujardinstraße 9
47829 Krefeld
Telephone: 02151/966845

La Riva
Dammstraße 18
47829 Krefeld
Telephon 0 21 51 / 57 97 74