Hills and marshy areas

The lush vegetation and numerous opportunities for leisure activities such as rambling, jogging, mountain biking, riding and cycling around the Hülser Berg and in the Hülser Bruch have made this local recreational area oneof the most popular in the region. According to local folklore, Hülser Berg was created when a giant, during his wanderings through Germany, accidently tipped over a wheelbarrow full of sand and clay from the foothills of the Harz Mountains. The geological truth is somewhat less exciting. About 150,000 years ago, scree masses from glaciers were driven from Scandinavia to the left-hand side of the Rhine which were left behind in the form of a terminal moraine when the glaciers had melted. Nevertheless, every visitor to the 63 metre-high Hülser Berg can feel like a mythical giant on the 107 metre-high observation tower. One of the nicest ways to reach Hülser Berg must surely be to arrive on the "Schluff". The historical museum railway runs from Sankt Tönis via the Nordbahnhof to Hülser Berg. Also to be found nearby are the Inrather Berg (87 metres) and the Kapuziner Berg (77 metres) with firmly-surfaced forest paths and natural trails similar to Hülser Berg. The "3-Gipfel-Weg" connects the three highest elevations in the Krefeld area.

Observation Tower at Hülser Berg


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