Greiffenhorst House

Between 1838 and 1843 Cornelius de Greiff, renowned as a benefactor in Krefeld, had a house built in the middle of his estate in Linn, for use as a summer house and hunting lodge. The plans were presumably drawn up by the building inspector Otto von Gloeden from Düsseldorf.

The central part of the building is a three storey octagon, which has four adjoining square wings, each two storeys high, arranged in the shape of a cross.

Greiffenhorst House was bought by the City of Krefeld in 1924. Although it survived the Second World War unscathed, it fell into disrepair during the following years of hardship.

First restoration measures were taken in 1953; then in 1971-1974 the City of Krefeld, with the financial aid of the Krefelder Kunstverein [art society] and local citizens, was finally able to reconstruct the building and restore it for use in its present form.

Since then, Greiffenhorst House has been available to the public for concerts, readings, talks, art exhibitions, receptions and similar events. Each floor can accommodate up to 100 chairs in rows, or 70 at tables. Events must finish by 10pm at the latest.

Details of the valid hiring conditions can be obtained from the City of Krefeld's culture office,
Tel.: +49 (0)2151 / 583615.