The „Geismühle", which is approximately 700 years old, is located on the A57 motorway. The tower windmill in Oppum is maintained by the Museum Centre in Linn. Since its renovation in 2006/07 by the Krefeld-Oppum Geismühle Building Association the grain mill has again been fully operational and can be seen in action - depending on the strength of the wind. Guided tours are available by appointment.


Hauptstraße 520
47809 Krefeld
Telephon: 0 21 51 / 54 40 44

Open to the public

Open from May to October, every 1st and 3rd Sunday from 2 past morning to 5 past morning


Bösinger Hof
Bösinghovener Straße 51
60668 Meerbusch-Bösinghoven
Telephon: 0 21 59 / 60 01