Fabrik Heeder

The building at Virchowstr. 130, now under preservation order, was erected in1906 as a wallpaper factory for Heeder & Co. Under the management of the culture office, Fabrik Heeder has been used as a cultural centre since 1989.

Following a building extension in 2006, to include two studio theatres amongst other facilities, it now serves as the culture office's "own house", showing contemporary dance productions from the independent professional scene, and, since 1994, staging a regular series of its own: "MOVE! - Krefeld days of modern dance". There is also an emphasis on film and photography, with exhibitions in the Heeder Photo Gallery organized in cooperation with the design faculty of the Lower Rhine University of Applied Sciences.

Fabrik Heeder is also home to the culture office's municipal children's and youth theatre centre: KRESCHtheater, which uses various rooms in the building for theatre rehearsals and performances as well as for theatre-related educational projects and courses.

The building provides Vereinigte städtische Bühnen Krefeld und Mönchengladbach (combined municipal theatres) with a second house for performances in Krefeld, along with rehearsal facilities and prop storage; it also houses Frauenkulturbüro NRW e.V. (women's culture office).

Groups from the independent Krefeld theatre scene take advantage of Fabrik Heeder's amenities too, as does the Youth Culture Workshop JUKS, run by the municipal office for youth and employment assistance.

Various rooms can also be booked for events.

The in-house restaurant "Kulisse" offers an attractive range of food and drink - and its own cultural events.