Deutsches Textilmuseum

The German Textile Museum by the historical medieval Andreasmarkt in Krefeld-Linn is unique in Germany and specialises in temporary exhibitions with ambitious themes. It has a stock of items which has been steadily growing since 1881, including 30,000 textile objects from all over the world from ancient times to the present. The in-house reference library, with its remarkable collection of books and magazines on the history of textiles and clothing, attracts researchers from institutes at home and abroad to Linn. The library is open to anyone who is interested by arrangement. The temporary exhibitions attract a large number of visitors to the museum every year.


Andreasmarkt 8
47809 Krefeld
Telephone: 0 21 51 / 9 46 94 50

Opening hours for exhibitions

1st April to 31st October: Tuesday to Sunday between 10 at morning to 6 past morning
1st November to 31st March: Tuesday to Sunday between 11 at morning to 5 past morning


Albert-Steeger Str. 19
47809 Krefeld
Telephone: 0 21 51 / 7 84 56 70