This is the motto of Krefeld's municipal cultural institutions for their "Krefeld cultural institutions' offensive".
The aim of this project is to draw attention to the wealth of cultural activities in our city of silk and velvet, and stress the fact that cultural diversity is indispensable in Krefeld, despite lack of municipal funds.

One of the focal points of the culture offensive lies in joint efforts. It is our aim to oppose the paralyzing trend to resignation by giving new impulses. We want to show that our city may not be wealthy in monetary terms, but it is rich in culture.
Open cooperation between the different institutions will hopefully make both the general public and local politicians more aware of art and culture. Art and culture are existential components of city life. They have a positive effect on the economy, retail trade and quality of life of a community.

A place worth living in
is the only place to enjoy one's work.

Cultural institutions involved are:

  • Museum Burg Linn (Linn Castle museum)
  • Krefelder Zoo
  • Kulturbüro (Culture office)
  • Musikschule (Music school)
  • Stadtarchiv (City archives)
  • Deutsches Textilmuseum (Textile museum)
  • Kinder- und Jugendtheaterzentrum KRESCH (children and young people's theatre)
  • Stadtbücherei (Municipal library)
  • Krefelder Kunstmuseen (art museums)
  • Villa Merländer
  • Theater Krefeld