Bockum swimming centre

Views of Bockum swimming centre

The scope of swimming facilities in our city of silk and velvet leaves nothing to be desired. In addition to the municipal baths, which can be used for sporting activities or as relaxing leisure facilities, there are four swimming pools owned by clubs. During the summer months there can be no doubt that the big attraction is the unusual combination of slides in the modernized outdoor pool at Bockum swimming centre. An impressive sight! But the other baths also have their own particular appeal and play a large part in making swimming one of the most popular sports in Krefeld.


Views of Bockum swimming centre

The swimming centre at Bockum (a district of Krefeld) has large-scale indoor and outdoor areas. Visitors appreciate the fact that there are good public transport connections and plenty of free parking for cars and bicycles close at hand.

Indoor baths:
Sports pool with diving platform 
size of pool50 x 21 metres
depth of pool1.35 - 4.20 metres
water temperature27°C
Learners' pool 
size of pool15.60 x 13.98 metres
depth of pool0.75 - 1.25 metres
water temperature30°C
Paddling pool 
size of pool4.20 metres diameter
depth of pool0.20 metres
water temperature34°C
Diving platform 
Boards at2.5, 4.5 and 7 metres
Cafeteria (in bathing and spectator area) 
Stand for spectators 
Spacious changing rooms 
Loan of playthings free of charge 
Games afternoons (Saturdays, as advertised) 




Outdoor baths (around 120,000 square metres outdoor area):
Multi-purpose pool with modern slides 
size of pool40 x 40 metres
depth of pool0.75 - 1.25 metres
water temperature24°C minimum
Sports pool 
size of pool50 x 21 metres
depth of pool2.20 metres
water temperature26°C
Toddlers' area with variety of slides suitable for children 
Pool 1 
size of pool7 x 12 metres
depth of pool0.30 metres
water temperature24°C minimum
Pool 2 
size of pool9 x 15 metres
depth of pool0.40 metres
water temperature24°C minimum
Slides in multi-purpose pool 
Rafting slide 
height11 metres
length107 metres
Free-fall slide 
height11 metres
length35 metres
Wide slide 
height5 metres
length20 metres
Slides in toddlers' area 
toddlers' slide 16 m long 
snake slide 
elephant slide 
Cable climbing frame (up to 12 m high) with two cableways 
Large splash garden / water playground 
Big, brightly coloured playhouse 
Children's playground 
Beach volleyball court 
Streetball court 
Field for ball games 
Food and drink 
Spacious changing rooms 
Security service (depending on number of visitors) 



Badezentrum Bockum
Am Badezentrum 2
47800 Krefeld
Tel.: +49 (0)2151 / 590041