News from the City of Krefeld


  • General information Mediothek

    It is the aim of the library to offer users the greatest possible choice of media, taking technical developments into account. The municipal library offers everyone:- access to information for career, school and leisure- a stock of around 230,000 media.…read more on article 'General information Mediothek'

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  • Politics

    Krefeld City Council was elected on 25th of May 2014 and has 58 members. Members per party: CDU [Christian Democrats] (20 seats) SPD [Socialists] (20 seats) Bündnis 90/Die Grünen [Greens] (6 seats) FDP [Liberals] (4 seats) DIE LINKE [Lefts] (3 seats) UWG [local] (2 seats) Piraten [Pirates] (1 seat) Die Partei [local] (1 seat) Independent (1 seat)…read more on article 'Politics'

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  • Sports

    Ice hockey, horse racing and football - just a small selection from Krefeld's large range of sports Krefeld has every reason to be proud of its sporting facilities. Statistics show that nearly a third of all Krefelders are members of a sports club in our city. We have around 240 clubs covering a range of well over 100 different types of sport.…read more on article 'Sports'

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