Guided city tours, excursions & leisure

Much to discover

Culture and building culture characterise the face of the city of Krefeld. The different epochs and cultural diversity lend the city its friendly and unique profile. Discovering this diversity is not only exciting for visitors to the Velvet and Silk City but it also unfailingly provides inspiration for the inhabitants of Krefeld themselves.

Krefeld can be discovered by bike or on foot. Informative guided tours are available on various aspects of the city's history. One particular attraction, for example, is a tour of Linn Castle followed by a walk around the historic old town. The Segway tours, which takes visitors out into the countryside or to museums such as the historic Dujardin brandy distillery, are very popular. Also popular are the "ArchitekTouren" by bike conducted by architects.

Further information and dates of guided tours, excursions, coach trips and walkabouts of various institutions can be found in the brochure "Discovering Krefeld".